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1. Shikaar 3 (Parry Sarpanch)
2. Shikaar (Parry Sarpanch)
3. Dead Body (Parry Sarpanch and Aman Jaluria)
4. Peshi (Parry Sarpanch)
5. Fire (Parry Sarpanch)
6. Kaim Sardari 2 (Parry Sarpanch)
7. Jhanjar (Parry Sarpanch)
8. Gun Affair (Parry Sarpanch)
9. Pyar Hogya (Parry Sarpanch)
10. Jeona Modh (Parry Sarpanch)
11. Shikaar 2 (Parry Sarpanch)
12. Shikaar 3 (Parry Sarpanch)
13. Gun Affair (Parry Sarpanch)
14. Ipc 307 (Parry Sarpanch and Aman Jaluria)
15. Astaad (Parry Sarpanch)
16. Back From Jail (Parry Sarpanch)
17. Dead Body (Parry Sarpanch and Aman Jaluria)
18. Hathyar (Parry Sarpanch)
19. Jatt Soorma (Parry Sarpanch )
20. Tattooz (Gurlez Akhtar and Parry Sarpanch)
21. Smoky Eyes (Parry Sarpanch)
22. Vaja Mardi (Chamkaur Dosanjh and Parry Sarpanch)
23. Jatt Daaru (Parry Sarpanch)
24. Jatt Mad (Parry Sarpanch)
25. Nukkri Te Fukkri (Sukhdeep Grewal and Parry Sarpanch)
26. Jatt De Kharche (Parry Sarpanch)
27. Smokey Eyes (Chamkaur Dosanjh)
28. Teddyz (Parry Sarpanch)
29. Nukkri Te Fukkri (feat. Sukhdeep Gill) (Parry Sarpanch )
30. Teri Muchh (Sukhdeep Grewal)
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